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Researchers have discovered that they can increase the cognitive function of dementia patients by allowing them to play certain games. The focus of these games should be on concentration and motor skills. This way, the patients can reinforce current and build new neural pathways in their brain. Another beneficial thing with these games is that they can help older adults remember their past while creating connections with new people. Here are the best games that can stimulate dementia patients.

4 Games That Can Stimulate Dementia Patients


For the elderly that have severe dementia, learning new games and their rules can be frustrating and hard. This is why a game such as Bingo is a good solution. This game has been around for generations and seniors already know the concept. A simple concept, at that. Bingo revolves around numbers, and its ideal for elderly adults to improve their eye-to-hand coordination.

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The number of card games that older adults can play is almost limitless. Card games have a dual usefulness. They promote social interaction, while at the same time they are cognitively stimulating. Older adults that are suffering from dementia will find benefits in playing bridge or pinochle.

Games That Can Stimulate Dementia Patients
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The modified version of this game includes attaching images of objects that are known to seniors to cards. The best pictures would be those that show their past. Try to go with historic vehicles, clothing, household items, or celebrities. Then, the elderly who try this game should start it by trying to find a matching image in their deck of cards. This way they exercise their concentration and memory.


Memory loss in elderly adults can be quickly noticed if they have issues with remembering simple words. This game stimulates seniors’ brains the best if they are given a task of completing a common phrase by saying the missing word. Puzzles and word searches can also be equally effective.

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