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National Senior Health & Fitness Day is an event in which more than 100,000 older adults participate every year. May 31st is the day on which various events get held in the United States in many locations. The goal of Senior Health & Fitness Day is to promote a healthy lifestyle among the older population. It revolves around fitness classes, exercise, and different fun activities. If your loved one wants to participate in this event here are a couple of ways they can do that.

Find a Local Seniors Organization That Participates

Many clubs, centers, and park and recreation departments that have seniors as their members organize unique events on National Senior Health & Fitness Day. All you need to do is find one of these organizations and let your loved one apply to participate.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day
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Make Preparations

Once your older adult has applied for the event, you should make sure that they are appropriately prepared. Every organization has different activities in their games, which vary from fitness walks and flash mobs, to water aerobics and yoga. Most organizations will release schedules about their workshops, health screenings, and other activities. Seniors will be glad to hear that these organizations will provide them with various accessories such as t-shirts, or hats. It is also essential to make sure that your loved one is dressed correctly if they want to walk or do yoga.

Stretch Before Participating

Seniors shouldn’t participate if they have a severe health issue. But even if they are feeling all right, they shouldn’t push themselves. If they haven’t been active, they should go slowly. If they have been physically active before the event, they should also warm up before starting any activity.

Invite Friends

You can make sure that your elderly loved one makes the best out of this event by bringing along more family members or their friends. Seniors will definitely have a good time if they are surrounded by people they know and love.

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