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When is a perfect day to say to your grandma she looks absolutely beautiful? Every day!

However, do you know there is a National Gorgeous Grandma Day in July? Almost three weeks after the 4th of July, we celebrate how gorgeous our grandmothers are. Book the 23rd of July in your calendar, make a plan, and surprise your grandma.

Keep in mind this holiday has nothing to do with National Grandparents Day 2019, which comes on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It is solely about our grannies and how stunning they look.

Think About All the Reasons Why You Love Your Grandma

Who Cooks the Best Meals?

Usually, the first thing about our grandmothers that comes to mind is – food. I’m not saying your mom doesn’t cook well, but granny’s usually a master in the kitchen. They know some little secrets that make every meal special. Nowadays, it’s popular to eat out, but the food we usually eat is not even close to what our grandmas know how to make. My grandma made the best apple pie, and she was a master for other pies and cakes as well.

Who Was There to Spoil You?

However, it is not just food. Do you remember who was spoiling you when you were a kid? Grandmas! They were usually on our side when our parents got mad at us. My grandma was always helping me to clean up the mess I caused so that my mom didn’t see it. Eventually, I believed that the main point of grandmas was to spoil their grandchildren.

Who Was Taking Care of You?

Grandmas are usually there to keep an eye on us when there are no parents around. They are there to tuck us in, tell stories from their youth, play with us, and teach us things we didn’t know.

Gorgeous Grandma Day Ideas
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Gorgeous Grandma Day Ideas

How to Celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day

Have Dinner Together

Call your mother in advance and tell her you want to take her out for dinner. Afterward, book a table in a restaurant that you know she likes.

However, it is an even better idea to prepare a meal by yourself. Show your grandmother you have some cooking skills as well. Ask her what is her favorite, and check out a YouTube tutorial on how to make it. Don’t worry if you are not Jamie Oliver, it doesn’t need to look perfect. Your grandma will appreciate it anyway.

Buy Her a Present

When was the last time you bought your grandmother a present? If it’s been a while, National Cool Grandma Day may be the perfect opportunity for this.

If you are unsure about what she would like to have, ask her to come with you to a shopping mall and let her choose. She will certainly like to stroll the mall, especially if she doesn’t go out often.

Send Your Grandma a Card

Find some paper and draw her a card, as you used to do in school. Use crayons to make it more colorful and interesting. Write about how gorgeous she is and that she’s the most beautiful grandma in the world. You can even write something humorous that will bring a smile to her face.

Gorgeous Grandma Day may not be the most popular holiday, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your grandmothers. They certainly did so much for you when you were a kid, and may still help you here and there.

Reminding them once a year how beautiful they are is the least you can do. However, don’t forget that your grandma looks gorgeous every day of the year. This day exists only to remind us of that.

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