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It is hard for seniors to find a workout plan, and it is even harder for them to stick to it. That is why group fitness classes are the right choice for them because they can exercise and have fun at the same time. These courses can help them feel engaged, motivated, and excited about working out. Today, there are many group fitness classes offered in gyms and community centers, so elderly won’t have issues finding one that suits their needs. Among many choices, we have singled out these top picks.

Group Fitness Classes for Seniors


Muscle conditioning, cardio, and Latin and international music are all part of Zumba. That’s why Zumba is such a fun activity. Health care aides state that this workout is enjoyable and unique for the elderly in such way that it won’t even feel like a workout. It combines moves from Samba, Mambo, and Cumbia.

Water Aerobics

This exercise is ideal for seniors of all ages. It is low-impact and easy on joints. Water aerobics is risk-free because it is conducted in a shallow section of the pool. It focuses on the increase of stamina, strength, and energy.

Group Fitness Classes for Seniors 1
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Yoga is a fantastic way for older adults to reduce their levels of stress and increase their vitality. In addition, stretching exercises during yoga will increase their strength and stamina. Yoga consists of deep breathing exercises, dynamic stretching movements, and arm balances.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition which is practiced even today. That speaks volumes. In other words, this workout is a ‘meditation in motion.’ The philosophy of Tai Chi is to promote peace through gentle, flowing movements. If elderly opt to practice Tai Chi, they will improve their digestive health, balance, calmness, awareness, and quality of sleep.

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