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It’s late October, and Halloween is just around the corner. You should start planning how to spend this holiday, because in a few days it will be too late. Luckily there are many things you can do. Eating sweet treats, watching a scary movie, or even having a party are just some of the options. If you are one of those people who have no idea what to do on October 31st, we are here for you. Below, you have a few quality ideas for how seniors can spend Halloween.

Top Halloween Party Ideas For Seniors

  • Outdoor Lantern Social
  • Fall Drink Bar
  • Pumpkin Painting
  • Halloween Movie Marathon
  • Host a Trick-or-Treat Party for Local Children
Halloween Party Ideas for Seniors
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Outdoor Lantern Social

Having an outdoor lantern social is a great idea, especially if the weather serves you. First, you should prepare lamps during the day. Most craft stores have kits in the shape of pumpkins. Other types that go with this holiday are bats, mummies, and more. The second step would be to find safe places to hang the lanterns. If you want to go with the full aesthetic, you should decorate with twinkle lights. As a bonus, you could have a bonfire to give you warmth if the night gets chilly. With a party prepared this way, all you need is a bunch of friends to create lasting Halloween memories.

Fall Drink Bar

If you are throwing a party, you should set up a bar where you can serve hot cocoa or apple cider. To enhance the beverages, you could add flavors or garnishes. For example, cider doesn’t need to be all apple, but you could spice it with ginger, cinnamon, or orange. Hot cocoa needs to be served with marshmallows. Also, if you have friends with diabetes, be sure to have sugar free treats for them. Other beverages you could serve include coffee, hot tea, and apple juice.

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Pumpkin Painting

Carving pumpkins is one activity that many people enjoy for Halloween. But for the elderly, this activity can be both difficult and dangerous. Instead, older adults could paint them. There are many types of acrylic paint that is ideal for pumpkins. Now the seniors don’t have to be too artistic. They can draw simple shapes or give it a full effort and paint whatever scenery they desire. At the end of the night, you could organize a vote for best-painted pumpkin, so those seniors who didn’t give their best effort put more into it next year.

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Halloween Movie Marathon

Considering that all of your guests are going to be elderly, you should avoid modern horror movies. The emphasis should be on classics such as Young Frankenstein, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and old episodes of The Twilight Zone. If you can’t choose which movie to watch, let your guests choose instead. If none of you has any idea, collect as many movies as you can and then pick the ones you like the most on the spot. The Halloween marathon can’t happen without snacks. Because of this, be sure to prepare popcorn, candy corn, and some hot cocoa.

Host a Trick-or-Treat Party for Local Children

Many retirement facilities organize trick-or-treat parties for local children. Older adults who spend their days at facilities like this can invite their children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, or other younger family members for a visit. In order to create a full Halloween atmosphere, the elderly can also dress in costumes. This way the party will be enjoyable for everyone. If seniors want a big party, they can advertise their event locally to attract youngsters that live nearby. And yes, don’t forget to prepare tons of candy.

Halloween Party Ideas for Seniors


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