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Numerous seniors must use medications when they reach a certain age. Some of these medications carry specific risks with them. If you want your elderly loved one to live a healthy life without the need for drugs, you should advise them to eat more foods that have health benefits. One of the most overlooked vegetables, which has immense health usage, is garlic. According to healthcare professionals, here are…

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5 Health Benefits of Garlic for Seniors

It increases the appetite

If your elderly loved one is on a specific diet, it might be hard for you to prepare them meals that are tasty to eat. This is where garlic comes in. It gives a variety of flavors to various dishes that would be tasteless or bland because of salt, pepper, or other spices. If you spice your meals with garlic, they will be more edible and your seniors won’t skip meals. Eating healthy dishes that contain garlic can improve senior’s general well being.

Health benefits of garlic for seniors
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Garlic prevents infections

Older adults have a weaker immune system. If they add garlic to their diet, they can give it a boost. This vegetable, from the family of onions, contains antiviral and antibacterial properties. These properties keep viruses and bacteria out and preserve senior’s health. It has also been proven that garlic prevents stomach ulcers.

Pain relief

Garlic is a natural cure for pain. It can serve as a replacement for pills and injections. This onion-like ingredient is rich in quercetin, which is a flavonoid that can affect and prevent inflammation. These flavonoids are also adept at fighting off free radicals.

It reduces cholesterol levels

If a senior has issues with mobility and finds themselves in a situation where they need to reduce cholesterol levels, they may discover it’s hard to accomplish this. The easiest way is to implement a diet which has garlic as an essential ingredient. The best thing about using garlic for reducing cholesterol is that it only lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and not HDL (good cholesterol).

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