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You may remember that when you were young, your mom was always telling you to drink milk because it was good for your bones. However, dairy products don’t have positive effects only on kids, but on seniors as well – and it is about much more than getting stronger bones. There is a long list of health benefits regarding milk for seniors, but here we present the main four.

Top Health Benefits of Milk for Seniors

Stronger Bones

This one comes first to mind. Since it is rich in calcium, milk is highly important for improving your bone strength. Two cups of milk a day can reduce the chances of osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.

Source of Vitamin D

One of the less known things about milk is that it also has high levels of vitamin D. Our skin usually absorbs it when we are exposed to the sunlight, but with age, skin will become less effective at this. Thus, drinking milk is a great way to maintain the high level of Vitamin D in your body. This vitamin improves the absorption of calcium and helps in preventing depression.

health benefits of milk for seniors
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Reduces Blood Pressure

Yeah, one of the health benefits of milk for seniors is that it lowers blood pressure. Potassium is among the elements found in milk. The lack of potassium (along with high sodium intake) results in high blood pressure, which leads to other diseases.

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Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Thanks to the high level of glutathione, milk can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown that when you drink milk, the oxidative stress is low, which helps in preventing Alzheimer’s.

These are the top four positive effects of milk on your body. However, you can also benefit from other fluids. Drinking coffee and green tea has certain benefits for seniors. Studies suggest that even moderate alcohol consumption has some positive effects.


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