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Staying in shape is very important, especially for seniors. Exercise helps your heart and has many other benefits. Yoga is also very helpful, especially in releasing stress. However, both yoga and other forms of exercise may not sound very interesting to you. But what do you think about dancing? There are many health benefits of dancing for seniors, and it sounds fun. “I don’t know how to dance” is not an excuse. Everyone knows!

4 Health Benefits of Dancing for the Elderly

Waltz Helps Your Heart

You don’t like jogging or riding a bike? Don’t worry, instead of these two you can waltz. A new study shows it will have the same effect on your heart. If you have certain cardiovascular problems, try waltz. It isn’t difficult and brings loads of fun.

Disco Against Dementia

There are many ways of fighting and preventing dementia. But disco music?! Really?! According to a multi-decade study conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, dancing has a significant effect on reducing the risk of getting dementia. Scientists are still not certain how dancing fights dementia, but they think fast decision making while dancing is the key.

Feeling Depressed? Dance!

Dancing doesn’t just help in fighting depression. It also reduces stress and aids in reducing anxiety. Also, it may help if you have insomnia.

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health benefits of dancing for elderly

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Salsa and Balance

With aging, our sense of balance is lower, and we’re prone to tripping and falling. According to the study released in the Gerontology journal, several weeks of salsa can increase your stability and strength. The best thing about salsa is that it doesn’t require a lot of strength, and it’s also quite fun. You will have a good time while improving your balance.

These are several health benefits of dancing, but there are many more. If regular exercise and yoga are not too interesting to you, then dancing is the right choice.


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