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Does orange juice have any benefits for your health? Apparently, yes! A recent study proved there are numerous health benefits of orange juice for the elderly. However, have in mind that several glasses of orange juice won’t have any effect. You need to drink it every day for at least two months in order to feel the difference.

What Are the Health Benefits of Orange Juice for the Elderly?

Many beverages can have a positive impact on the elderly. Green tea, coffee, and milk have many health benefits if taken moderately. Apparently, orange juice has also certain benefits.

The Reading University research team conducted a study on the effects of orange juice on seniors. The groups of volunteers, aged 60 to 81, were drinking half a liter of orange juice every day for almost two months. The results weren’t astonishing, but still considerable.

The research team proved that drinking orange juice can boost your memory, as well as improve your speech and reaction time. In less than two months, the overall score improved by 8%. This may not seem a lot, however, consider this was done in eight weeks. Further studies are needed to determine the long-term impact of orange juice on the elderly, but these results already tell us a lot.

The Secret is in Flavonoids

The researchers believe flavonoids are responsible for the improvement. This substance is found in oranges, and according to the study team, it can improve your memory because it has a positive effect on the hippocampus. The hippocampus in your brain is responsible for learning and memory.

In the end, the study concluded the regular intake of orange juice will have a positive impact on seniors, but it is not mandatory to drink it every day. If you drink it every second day, it is also fine. The important thing is to drink it regularly.

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