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Swimming has health benefits for people of all ages. It is definitely among the healthiest activities, and you will often hear physicians advising their patients to go swimming once in a while.

The good thing about swimming is it can be fun. Especially if you go to the beach, lake, or river. And if your family or friends come with you, the day will be perfect. The pool can be as equally fun as the beach. And the water should be cleaner in a pool than in a river, for example.

Seniors can benefit from swimming in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Improving Muscle Strength

Any exercise in the water will help build your muscles, due to increased resistance. The faster you move through the water, the higher the resistance will be. The effects of swimming are similar to working out in a gym.

With age, we tend to lose our balance and our whole body becomes weaker. Improving muscles is important for staying on both feet and avoiding nasty falls and broken bones. Read more about other ways to build muscles for seniors.

Swimming As a Cardio Exercise

While you are swimming, your heart is beating faster since more blood is being pumped. The effect is similar when jogging outside or running on a treadmill. This cardiovascular exercise will improve blood circulation in your body and lower your blood pressure. It also reduces your chances of having a heart attack. Your heart will be stronger, and it will be easier for you to perform your daily tasks.

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Like every other cardio exercise, swimming also contributes to weight loss. You will not lose multiple pounds after one swim, but performing it regularly will keep you fit.

Improve Cognitive Function

Due to increased blood flow, more oxygen is delivered to the brain. Thus water exercises have a positive impact on brain function. Also, when exercising, the body produces more serotonin and endorphin. These hormones are also called happiness hormones and are essential in fighting depression and loneliness. And if you go with someone, social contacts will also have a positive impact on your mental state. Swimming benefits your overall mental health.

swimming tips for the elderly

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Feeling Less Pain With Exercise in Water

Swimming is not the only exercise you can perform while being in the water. Seniors can benefit from water aerobics and water jogging as well. When exercising in water, the water provides support to your joints. This means you feel less pain when exercising in water than on land. Seniors who struggle to stay active will find water exercises way easier.

Better Flexibility

Yoga is not the right thing for you? Then swimming will help you stay flexible. Better flexibility contributes to reducing back pain and better muscle coordination. The risk of injuring yourself significantly decreases. Generally, swimming reduces the risk of accidental falls. Seniors who swim regularly have less incidents of breaking a leg, hip, or arm.

Improving Bone Strength

Bone strength and density decrease over the years, causing osteoporosis. This is especially troubling for women. Water exercises are one of the ways to maintain the strength of your bones. Read here what the other ways for building stronger bones are.

The health benefits of swimming for older adults are enormous. However, don’t forget to be cautious and think about the risks when in water. Learn more about swimming safety tips for seniors that will keep you safe while swimming.

Don’t look at swimming only as an activity you need to perform to stay healthy. Invite your friends and family to go with you and make it a fun time. Swimming can be both healthy and entertaining.


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