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Did you know that rice is the most eaten food on the planet? Thanks to its availability and nutritional value (well, price too), it has become the number one food in the whole world. However, did you also know about all the health benefits of rice for the elderly? If you have digestive issues, problems with blood pressure, obesity, or cholesterol, you can consider adding more rice to your nutrition.

What Are the Health Benefits of Rice for the Elderly?

Rice is rich in carbohydrates, which serves as the main source of energy for our bodies. The important thing is that it doesn’t contain any sugar and almost no fat. It even has a certain amount of proteins. Since rice doesn’t contain a huge amount of sodium, it is perfect food for all elderly adults who have cardiovascular problems and try to avoid foods that raise blood pressure.

As time goes on, your metabolism slows down and you may start having issues with some extra weight. Because rice speeds up the metabolism, it should be part of every diet.

health benefits of rice for elderly
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Should I Eat White or Brown Rice?

Definitely brown rice, as brown rice has some extra health benefits. Some studies suggest that it plays a role in preventing cancer because of its antioxidants, and it has some positive effects on preventing dementia. Also, elderly adults who have problems with digestion should consider eating brown rice more often. If you prepare it properly, you shouldn’t have any digestive issues.

It is usually recommended as the food you should eat if you have diabetes. The best thing about brown rice is it has a pretty neutral taste, so you can combine it with almost anything. There are numerous possibilities, and recipes are easy to find on the web.

If you decided to eat healthy, here you can learn more about other nutrition tips for seniors.


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