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Your parents may feel lonely. They could be struggling with loneliness at this very moment and you are unsure of how to help them. Don’t worry – you are not the only one. Many don’t know how to ow to help aging parents to beat loneliness. That’s why we’re breaking down the key things you can apply to everyday life in order to make your parents feel more loved, comfortable, and most of all – happy.

Visit Them More Frequently

There is nothing better than a hug in overcoming loneliness. They may sit all day at home without any social contact, so one hug can solve many problems. It is simple as that. Make regular visits, especially if your mother or father lives alone. If they have become too difficult to cope with, keep the visits short, but still do it regularly.


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Take Them to Various Events

Talk about what they liked to do before they got kids. Was it going to concerts, museums, theater? Take them out and make them feel young again. If you are too busy to join every time, arrange everything online. Buy tickets, arrange transportation, or even ask their neighbors if they want to join. It doesn’t take much to make your elders feel outgoing and fulfilled once more.

But what if I live far away from them?

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Contact Your Parent Often

You may live on the other side of the country (or even the world), so regular visits are not an option. Thanks to new technologies, there are ways of maintaining a contact with people no matter their physical location. You can always consider using Skype or Google Hangouts. Regular phone calls are fine, but on video calls, they can also see you, where you live, how you’ve decorated – everything, making conversation flow easier and furthering the experience of having ‘visited’ you.

With this simple advice, it’s easy to play a larger role in your parents’ life and encourage them to keep living happily. Just because you’re elderly, doesn’t mean you’re old!

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