When a senior is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, loved ones around them look to assist them in maintaining a high – or at least usual – way of life. The most common way to help them accomplish this is by medication and therapy, but there are other ways. Often overlooked is the natural approach. According to various studies, some herbs can aid in treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Herbs That Can Help Older Adults With Parkinson’s

Green Tea

This type of tea is rich in flavonoids which protect and help dopamine in reaching our brain. Parkinson’s disease appears when there is not enough dopamine in some regions of our brain.


Bacopa is excellent in improving mood, cognitive functions, and the general neurological function of a patient with Parkinson’s. It also improves blood circulation to the brain.

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As we mentioned, one of the leading causes of this disease is the lack of dopamine in our brain. This is why herbs such is cowhage, which is rich in levodopa, are used to replace the dopamine that is missing. Eating this herb can reduce the side effects of Parkinson’s.


This spice is not only good for making dishes in the kitchen, but it can also repair oxidative damage caused by Parkinson’s. Furthermore, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which can slow down the progression of this disease.

Ginko Biloba

This herb is excellent in protecting our neurons from Parkinson’s disease. Some studies have shown that it even can repair neurons damaged in the past.

A good thing to know is that these herbs aren’t only good for fighting symptoms of Parkinson’s, but they have various health properties. Among others, they are good for treating cancer patients and improving cognitive functions in the elderly.

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