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If you have been noticing small changes with your seniors – not anything substantial, but small glimpses of forgetfulness or a bit more fragility – it might be a signal that you need a senior caregiver. It could be the answer to your prayers. What if your elderly stays home alone and falls, or forgets to turn the stove off? Some misfortune might happen, and you would feel guilty for not being there. What if someone else was there for them instead of you?

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In order to release yourself from these worries and to do the best thing for your elderly, you need to hire a senior caregiver. Most people think that this is an easy process, but it might prove quite complicated. It is not like you can just look in the newspaper and hire the first caregiver you come across. That is why we have listed a few things you need to know if you are choosing between a independent caregiver or one provided by an agency.


There is a difference if you are hiring an independent senior caregiver or one through a professional home care agency. If you are hiring one by yourself, you need to think about their price and the price of additional costs. In this scenario, you are responsible for their payroll, insurance, and taxes. When hiring a senior caregiver from a registered agency, all of the additional expenses are handled by the company; you only pay what is arranged with the organization.

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If you are thinking about hiring an independent caregiver, consider what you actually know about them. You don’t know their past, their previous work, medical condition, or criminal record. The caregivers hired through agencies are thoroughly tested and given a background check multiple times. They come with recommendations and will make you feel safe while they are with your elderly.


In this case, it is also a better option to pick an agency caregiver over an independent one. Why? Well, in case your caregiver needs a rest, a vacation, or is ill, if they’re independent, they can’t offer you a replacement or any other solution. The agency that provides you a caregiver will always provide an alternative if your primary senior caregiver is unavailable at any given moment.

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