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An aging population and a desire for in-home healthcare make owning a home healthcare, personal care or home hospice business very profitable. And as a home healthcare startup owner, you have a real shot at joining thousands of other homecare millionaires. But the journey to earning those millions has to first start with spending your hard earned money and time on organizing your home care business, and of course waiting.

Starting a home care business requires a lot of patience and it’s more about learning how to organize the administration plan for managing caregivers and less about the actual caregiving.

Among the first challenges, and depending on the state, are the legal obstacles home care providers need to overcome, like registering and possibly licensing your company as a home care agency. In some U.S. states, the licensing process can take years before your home care skilled nurses, companion caregivers, hospice care providers or NEMT transportation drivers can service your first client. That first dollar of profits is going to be a long time coming.

So for your homecare agency to be successful will require having enough money and a lot of patience. And that’s the easy part! Why? Because spending the money and waiting is easy, making money with caregivers is much, much harder and can take even longer. To succeed as a new home care agency will require you shortening the time needed for getting those first clients

In our weekly UJAT Best Homecare Tips for Startups, we are going to provide you with a series of tips on how the internet, the world wide web, smartphones and new technologies can help kick-start your new home care business.

At UJAT Care we strongly believe that today’s successful startup home healthcare business owner is the one who recognizes that integrating digital marketing and new technologies into their homecare business model is a unique opportunity for increasing chances of success.

Admittedly there is no silver bullet guaranteeing success, but our weekly series of Homecare Business Tips should produce some new ideas for you to consider or may expand on ideas you already had. But one important fact remains true, that the more people you can reach the greater your chances of success.

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But first things first, how to get that first client, sooner and not later.


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