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There are many older adults that are rendered unable to get out like they used to, and therefore they are disconnected from friends and family. There are over 3.6 million elderly adults who are homebound. Homebound seniors are those who need a massive effort to be able to leave their home or residence. They usually can’t leave their house due to an illness or an injury. Furthermore, they are considered homebound if they only leave home when it is a necessity, and it happens no more than once or twice a weak.

But, luckily, even if you are homebound, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stay connected to friends and family. Thanks to modern devices, such as the motorized scooter, the elderly can handle their chores easier and remain in touch with whomever they want. Also, because technology has advanced to such an extent, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to other people. With internet connection in your home, isolation and loneliness no longer need to be an issue. Below we have listed a few ideas about how using technology can help you stay close to friends and family.

How Homebound Seniors Can Stay Connected Through Technology
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In this day and age, it is a must to know how to use a computer or a smartphone. If an elderly adult doesn’t know how to use either of them, they can turn to their children and grandchildren for help. Once they start learning, they will soon realize just how easy it can be. Once they get the basics, the learning process will become a fun activity.

Write Modern Letters

The age of good old paper letters is behind us, but technology gave us an alternative. If seniors want to write to their friends and family, the can use email. The instant response will be a feature they will love.

Use Video Calling

Older adults love to talk on the phone, and they will definitely love video calls. Try connecting to your loved ones through Skype or FaceTime. Both of those and their alternatives are available on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Furthermore, apps such as WhatsApp and Viber allow you to make free international calls.

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Explore Social Networks

By using Facebook and similar internet platforms, you can see photos and activities of your friends and family. You also have the option of exchanging private messages on these platforms. It also functions the other way around, and you can share with your close ones your photos and activities.

Play Games

By using different game apps on a smartphone, you will discover that you can play against other people. For example, you can download Words with Friends and play against friends and family. This is an excellent way to stay close to your loved ones but also to keep your brain sharp.

Stay in Touch With Religious Organizations

If you are religious, there isn’t a reason why you can’t attend services even if you are housebound. There are some churches that stream their services online. Also, there is various religious content all over the internet. Being part of a religious community is essential to many, and by using modern tech, religion is now accessible from the warmth of your home.

Stay in Touch With Care Providers

This part of using technology can prove to be essential for the well-being of older adults. These days it is possible to stay in touch with your doctor without leaving your home. What’s even better is that there are numerous applications that can monitor your heartbeat and blood pressure. Later you can provide your doctor with your measurements. Also, there are various alarms available that can tell the news of your health to both your doctors and your loved ones.

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