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Some days you probably feel like you have energy that will last you forever. Also, there are days when you feel like you won’t be able to leave your bed for an eternity. In the elderly, situations like this also happen. Older adults usually blame their age when they feel deprived of energy or merely fatigued. The truth is, seniors lack the power they once had at their disposal. Compared to when they were twenty-one, many things have changed. But age is not the only reason for feeling fatigued. This is good news. A lack of energy can be the consequence of many things. Some of the most frequent reasons lie in your diet, the level of your daily activity, and of course your general mood.

Energy Boost for Elderly Adults

Luckily there are many ways older adults can boost their energy levels. The best thing to do would be to focus on your diet, but there are others. Below we have listed the best ways to increase energy level and feel much better as a result:

  • Focus on nutrition
  • Drink water
  • Exercise
How Seniors Can Increase Energy Levels
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Focus on Nutrition

Similar to an automobile which needs fuel to run, our bodies need food in order to be able to function correctly. In situations when we don’t eat adequately or miss meals completely, our energy levels will drop and we won’t have the strength to be productive. You will have all the energy that you can possibly need if you adopt a healthy diet. In addition to a proper meal plan, you will need to reduce or completely cut the intake of junk food. The foods that will give the most energy to seniors include spinach, honey, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, bananas, and eggs. By adding these to your diet, you will notice an increase in energy levels. Furthermore, if you replace white bread with more healthier whole grain bread, you will do yourself and your energy level a favor.

How Seniors Can Increase Energy Levels


Drink Water

You may have heard that drinking water is healthy. But it is impossible to stress just how important is to be hydrated for overall well-being. This especially goes for older adults. As age catches up to us, drinking enough water becomes essential for our health. With age, our bodies get lazy, so to say, and it’s harder for them to recognize the need for water. Dehydration is extremely unhealthy. In addition to slowing down our metabolism, it can also deprive even a young individual of strength. The recommended amount of water that every senior should drink on a daily basis is 7–8 glasses. Elderly adults shouldn’t focus only on drinking water, but should also eat foods that are full of water. These foods include most kinds of fruits and vegetables.

How Seniors Can Increase Energy Levels


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Most people put exercise and being tired in the same sentence. But things are actually quite the opposite. For those people who lack energy, exercising should be on the top of the list of things to do. The reason for this is simple. You will have more power if you are in better shape. Older adults who have arthritis also shouldn’t avoid exercise. Working out is a great natural lubricant for joints. By exercising, you will be able to lower the pain and aches that you have as a consequence of this condition.

Now, your energy levels won’t come back overnight. There is no magic that can do this. All you need to focus on doing is to make slight changes to your daily routine. If you decide to try some of the things we have listed above, you will feel more energetic with each passing day.

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