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What is the key to aging healthily? Proper diet, researchers say. According to the research that included 1,000 English older adults, improving the quality of your diet can be the key in staying healthy as a senior. This article summarizes the main findings and gives you insight on how to age well.

How to Age Well? – The Answer

The main conclusion of the study is that seniors who have more natural foods and fewer processed ones in their diet show better results. They had better physical functions than those who were mainly eating highly processed foods. The study tested their balance in a standing position, their up-and-go speed, and their chair rise speed.

This means everyone should eat more fruits and vegetables. Also, adding whole grains can be beneficial for your health. Your body will be grateful and you will have better physical abilities than your peers who didn’t pay attention to the diet.

how to age well

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The China Study

The China Study is one of the most famous books about nutrition and its impact on health. Similar to the first example of research, it concluded that eating more “green stuff” and non-processed food will keep you from getting life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. You won’t only be in better shape, but you will have higher chances of reaching 80 years old.

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Think about what you eat and what impact food has on your health. Include more fresh products and more plants in your diet. You don’t need to stop eating meat, but you also don’t need to eat it every day. When you want to eat chocolate, choose a banana. When you want to grab a beer, make a smoothie. There are so many options, but sometimes we’re just too lazy to think; we keep doing the same. Think about what is the most important thing for you. If it is a healthy life, you know what to do.

Here you can read more about how to start a proper, nutritional diet and also gain additional nutrition tips for seniors.