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Frustration is one of many psychological responses to stress, and it’s a common plight of caregivers. Whether you are a full-time caretaker or providing for someone at home, you find yourself everyday in many complicated situations. One of the previous articles we wrote described some advice on how to cope with caregiver frustration. However, in this article we will focus more on dealing with caregiver stress.

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Define Your Area of Responsibility

You must always be aware of the things you are and are not responsible for. Furthermore, you must know what things you can control and what is out of your hands. No one can control other people’s feelings and you shouldn’t feel guilty if someone is experiencing pain. On the other hand, you must always have control over your emotions and decide when is the right time to take a break. Otherwise, you will become a victim of caregiver burnout and this won’t be any help to the person you are taking care of.

Resolve Conflicts on Time

Constant conflicts just increase caregiver stress. As a caregiver, you must know how to resolve them before it becomes too late. We already wrote about preventing and resolving caregiver conflicts here.


Caregiver Sress
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Stop Worrying

Worrying is one of the main reasons for caregiver stress. Learn to define the clear line between concern and stress. Concern means focusing on the things you can change. Don’t waste your time and nerves on situations that you cannot use to make different. Accept certain things the way they are and focus on those you can improve.

As you can see, dealing with caregiver stress is not easy, and it takes time to learn how to cope with it. In this article, we covered only the basic methods, but we will pay more attention to this topic in the future.


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