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You have been taking care of your senior for some time. However, maybe you’ve started feeling you can’t do everything alone or you need to take a break. Then you start thinking about what your options are.

Nursing facilities may come to mind. In other words, sending your loved one away from home. One issue is that such facilities are not affordable.

Hiring a professional caregiver is the best solution. Your older adult can stay at home and have all the help they need. Despite all the benefits of home caregivers, they may still refuse help. They often don’t want to admit they can’t live independently anymore. Their pride is sometimes stronger than the need for help.

Introducing the homecare idea to seniors should be carefully done. Follow these tips to find out how to do it.

Listen to Your Senior

You may have taken the direct approach and gotten a huge, “No!” Despite all the discussions and arguments, they don’t want anyone new in their home.

Have you tried to put yourself in their shoes to see things from their point of view? It is important to understand their feelings and fear. What is underneath the no and why are they so stubborn. Ask them to tell you how they would feel to have constant assistance, and mutually find a way to overcome this issue.

Gradually Introduce the Idea

Go step by step. First, ask how they would feel if a caregiver comes for a few hours every week. They can help with less personal issues at the beginning. Once your older adult gets used to an additional hand in the house, add more hours and more responsibilities to the caregiver. This way the transition won’t be shocking, and your senior will have time to develop confidence.

Find Help for House Chores

If you opt for this approach, you may start by saying you need the assistance in maintaining the house. Care providers usually offer such services as well. This is a good way to introduce your loved one to a caregiver. A caregiver can share their experience and talk about how they helped other seniors.

introducing a homecare idea to your senior: caregiver washing dishes

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Caregiver as Temporary Assistance

Talk to your seniors and tell them you need temporary help because you’ve got a lot of on your shoulders lately. Agree on the period and the tasks of a caregiver. When you hire a caregiver from time to time, they will easily adjust to the fact they have someone by their side.

As a caregiver becomes a routine in your family, suggest to your loved one to have them more often in your home. However, remember to be patient and let several months pass before you finally introduce the idea.

Ask a Doctor for Their Opinion

Doctors are people of authority. If they agree that you could use a caregiver, let them tell your loved one about it. When seniors hear arguments from a doctor, they will often be more cooperative.

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Before you decide that a caregiver is the right thing for your family, learn more about different types of in-home care.  See which one would suit you the best. Make sure you know exactly what services you need and which caregiver agencies in your neighborhood provide them if your loved one agrees with you.

Transition to in-home care can be difficult, but do everything to make it as easy as possible. After all, this should be for everyone’s sake, and everyone needs to know about all the benefits of home care.

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