You don’t need to be a caregiver to know that some seniors would be safer in the house if some adjustments were made. Perhaps they cannot move as easily as before, or have taken a fall already. We have written about shower tips for seniors and how to prevent falling. In this article, we will show you how to make a bathroom safer for the elderly, so you both can have peace of mind.

Making a Bathroom Safer tor the Elderly: Shower and Bathtub Tips

One of the best solutions is to get a shower chair. In addition, you can add grab bars to the wall of the shower, so your loved ones can easily keep their balance. It would be also a good idea to have waterproof medical alert buttons. They are easy to find and are extremely useful.

Elderly adults usually find showers much more practical than bathtubs. Thus if you have one of the latter, consider replacing it with a shower cabin. If that is not possible, try to make entering a bathtub as safe as possible.

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Floor Tips

One of the ways to make a bathroom safer for the elderly is to try and make the floor less slippery. This is the essential thing you should do if an elderly adult is living with you. If you have slippery tiles on the floor, find a non-skid mats and place them there. Make sure seniors won’t easily trip on them. It is a simple thing to do, but the mats can be literally a life-saver.

Hopefully, you have understood these basic tips and now know how to make a bathroom safer for the elderly. However, the best thing is to ask them what poses a problem for them. Then you will know exactly what to change to enable them an easier and safer life.


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