Creating a safety environment for seniors is essential, especially if they live alone or spend most of the day all by themselves. You can read our tips on how to make a house safer and adjust the house to your senior’s needs. Making bathroom safer for the elderly is also of great importance. However, the kitchen also hides a lot of potentially dangerous things which can be easily solved. The article will help you to make the kitchen safer for the elderly so you don’t need to worry about your seniors when they stay alone in the house.

Power Cords

Using power cords in the kitchen is not wise. Any contact of a power cord with water can cause serious problems. Try not to use them in the kitchen if possible. You can rearrange the kitchen and move electrical appliances closer to the wall. However, if you cannot get rid of power cords, try at least to keep them away from the stove and sink as well.

Increase the Light

In order to make the kitchen safer for the elderly, enough light is needed. Use light bulbs that will increase visibility in the kitchen. The more watts they have the brighter the light will be. Have curtains and blinds always open and add more light sources if needed.

make kitchen safer for elderly


If you have tiles on the kitchen floor, make sure it is not slippery. With water on the floor, bad things can happen. Thus, try to place a mat in the kitchen, or at least wear shoes that enable good friction.

These are only some of the tips to make kitchen safer for the elderly. You can check your kitchen and see what else is needed to be done so that your senior stays safe. Also, don’t forget about parts of your home and perform a house safety assessment to see where the potentially dangerous spots are.


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