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When I was in primary school, one day the teacher gave us a task to write about autumn. I still remember the first sentence: Autumn is my favorite season. And it’s been my favorite as long as I can remember.

The hot summer is finally over, so the high temperatures are gone, and it is notably less humid. On the other hand, it is not yet that cold. You can spend time outside, walking and enjoying the beautiful colors.

However, don’t forget to prepare yourself well for the colder days. Think about everything in advance and don’t let anything surprise you.

Prepare yourself in time:

  • Wear layers of clothes
  • Double check your home
  • Think twice before driving
  • Get the flu vaccine
  • Prevent potential falls

Wear Layers of Clothes

Don’t let the sun deceive you. It may be shining outside, but it is not as hot as it used to be a few weeks ago. During the day it can be more or less warm, but mornings and evenings are significantly colder.

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Therefore, be prepared when going out. Sometimes a sweater will be enough during the day, but take a jacket if you plan to stay outside until the evening.

When the days are freezing, wear layers of clothes. Don’t forget a cap and good winter shoes. Personally, I sometimes have two pairs of socks to keep my feet warm enough.

Double Check Your Home

Before the cold days begin, make sure everything in your house functions properly.

The first thing you need to check is if the heater works properly. This is an absolute must since you don’t want to wait for even colder days to find out you need to fix or change the heater.

It is good to always have a backup in case of an emergency.

Is your house insulated well? Without proper insulation, households spend more power on heating.

road in the woods

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Think Twice Before Driving

Should seniors drive or not?

We’ve already discussed this in one of our previous articles. However, the question usually rises when the cold days come.

It is not only colder in autumn, but there is more rain and fog, too. Since it gets dark earlier, you should take your vision and reaction time into account.

Roads tend to be more slippery, so if you’ve decided to drive this fall, don’t go over the speed limit.

Get the Flu Vaccine

If you regularly follow our blog, you have read several articles related to the flu vaccine. Flu vaccines will help prevent you from becoming sick.

Getting the flu and catching a cold are quite common when autumn starts. Apart from getting a vaccine, it is recommended to wash your hands often. Especially after shaking hands or coming home.

Keep your immune system strong. Take Vitamin C and sleep at least seven hours a night.

Prevent Potential Falls

Your bones and muscles are not as strong as they used to be. On top of that, people are more prone to falls once rainy days come. Read the tips on how to stay on your feet and prevent falls.

Get ready for the colder season, and don’t let anything surprise you. It is not hard to prepare yourself, but you need to think ahead of time and be aware of your possibilities.


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