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There’re still a few months to go until Labor Day, but it’s not a bad idea to plan in advance. If you want to spend a day with your loved one but haven’t planned any activities, we have a couple of suggestions for you. Below you can see the best ideas of how to spend Labor Day with your senior loved one.

How to Spend Labor Day With Your Senior Loved One


Labor Day is unofficially marked as the end of the summer season. This means that weather will be fine for outdoor activities. You and your loved one should take advantage of the last sunny days and clear skies to enjoy a picnic. For the location, you can use your local park or any other green area in the vicinity. You should accent beautiful nature and fresh air. To help your elderly loved one have a beautiful day, you should prepare their favorite foods, but also be sure it is healthy. Be sure to bring plenty of fruits, salads, yogurt, and light snacks.

How to spend Labor Day with your seniors loved one
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Backyard Movie

Staying at home doesn’t sound like much fun, but it can be if you help them create a theater in their backyard. Watching a movie is always a good idea. The best thing to do would be to pick one of their favorite films that your entire family can enjoy together. Surprise them with a classic, which aired in theaters in their youth.


Labor Day is a perfect opportunity to do some gardening with your dearest seniors. During this time of year, the flowers have already bloomed, and the garden needs to be prepared for the fall. By doing work around the yard, elderly people can practice their hobby and at the same time have a mild workout. Also, another thing that they can do during the Labor Day weekend is to look through their storage shed or garage for decorations for the upcoming holidays, such as Halloween.

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