The eternal question: How to stay young? This depends on a huge number of factors: genes, nutrition, physical activity, stress level, etc. There are some things you cannot have an influence on—genes for example—but it is up to you when choosing the food you eat and how much you are physically active. The best anti-aging pill is exercising, and by exercising we don’t just mean walking. A high-intensity workout will help you to stay young and healthy.

How to Stay Young: Exercises

High-intensity training increases your need for oxygen. Muscles need more oxygen during exercising, so your heart needs to pump more blood through the vessels to the muscles. This way the capability of your heart and lungs is improved, which has a positive impact on preventing aging diseases.

Regular walking won’t help you much with improving your heart and blood vessels, but power walking will. When you walk fast enough that you start breathing harder and can’t maintain a proper conversation, then you are walking fast enough.

If you can’t run, start power walking. If you feel you can go faster, start jogging. It may seem difficult at the beginning, especially if you are over 60, but each time you will be able to go further.

how to stay young

Skipping is also one of the simple and effective ways to improve your heart condition. Also it is a good way to burn calories and lose fat.

These exercises may be quite difficult for you if you are overweight, so it is perhaps better to start with cycling. Each time, try to beat yourself and the distance you previously passed. Cycling also helps you to burn calories so you should be able to jog after a while.

Don’t neglect your health. Think about time, and exercise regularly. Here you can find more exercises for improving your heart condition.