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Seniors often get in a situation when they need outside help. For some elderly adults and their family, it gets hard to determine when is the right time to hire in-home care. In order not to be too late with this decision, here are some indicators that the time is right for in-home care.

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How to Tell If the Time Is Right for In-Home Care

Personal Hygiene

If your loved one was always a person that took care of their hygiene and was clean and well groomed, you will notice when things change. If they start skipping on activities such as bathing and grooming and start having issues with dressing, in-home care is necessary. With the right caregiver, your loved one will always be clean, well groomed, and dressed appropriately.


If you notice that your older adult eats a lot of canned food, mismanages food, and no longer prepares meals by themselves, you need to look into this. If they do this, it is probably because they no longer can handle this chore. If they leave the refrigerator empty or filled with rotten fruits and vegetables, in-home care should be your next move.

How to tell that the time is right for in-home care
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When the elderly get to a certain age, they find it harder and harder to keep their living space in order. If you notice that their house or apartment is messier than usual and that it lacks the previous level of organization, it is a sign that your loved one has issues with housekeeping. This can be easily handled by hiring an in-home caregiver who can do all of the housework and organization.


Many seniors find themselves in a financial pinch, not because they haven’t saved for retirement or because they lost their money, but because they start mismanaging it. In some cases, money management becomes difficult for older adults. But just like the rest of us, they need to pay bills, buy food, and do other things with money. Because of this, it would be wise to have someone who could help them with this. A caregiver educated in basic accounting can be of great help for your loved one.

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