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The first question you need to ask yourself when beginning a homecare startup is how to find the clients. Where should you look and how can you attract them? Should you hand out fliers around your neighborhood, promote on local television, or go online?

The key thing for having a successful homecare business is to be where your clients are.

And where are your clients?


Believe me, I’ve used many different channels throughout the years, but nothing can beat an online presence.

Today everyone is on the web and receiving most of their information through online sources. When looking for a homecare agency, people first go to the internet, investigating homecare web pages. If you are not there, you will lose thousands of potential clients, and your competition will serve them instead.

Do you want to run a successful homecare agency?

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Then get a web page about your services, and optimize your website for search engines.

Promoting your business online has the best cost:benefit ratio, and having a website is only the first step in online marketing.

Stay with us if you want to learn the ways to find clients for your homecare business on the internet.