Being physically active is important for all age groups. Exercising helps prevent many diseases, but your mental health can also benefit from jogging a few times a week.

Jogging is not the only type of physical activity that will keep you young. Yoga, Tai Chi, and various other exercises have numerous benefits for older adults. However, jogging is a basic activity—easy, simple, and doesn’t require any previous knowledge or special equipment. You just go out and run.

There is no need to enroll in expensive classes or hire a professional trainer. Find a good spot, preferably with a soft surface to minimize the pressure on joints, and start jogging. In the beginning, run at a slow pace and gradually increase the speed and distance over time.

Many are not fond of jogging because they see it as a pretty dull activity, since it is usually done solo. Even though jogging is not a social activity, this doesn’t mean you can’t invite your friends to join you.

Here we will go through:

  • Benefits of jogging
  • Tips on jogging
  • Different impact of walking and jogging

Benefits of Jogging for the Elderly

Planning to stay mobile and flexible? Studies have shown that older adults who run regularly walk more easily. The joints of seniors who jog are more flexible than those who don’t.

Jogging is also known as an efficient way to keep your weight down. However, if you are trying to lose weight, you will have better results if you pay attention to your diet at the same time. Among the benefits, the most important one is the positive impact of running on blood pressure. Besides, it also helps to regulate cholesterol.

Not only does it keep your body healthy but your mind, too. When jogging (or doing other exercises) the body produces more serotonin, which is known as the hormone of happiness. This means running helps in fighting depression and other related diseases.

benefits of jogging for seniors

Tips on Jogging for the Elderly

Before you begin running, consult a doctor first, especially if you haven’t exercised in а couple of years. Talk to a physician and learn what impact it will have on your heart and lungs.

Don’t exaggerate, especially in the beginning. Increase the distance step by step, and maintain a pace you are comfortable with. If you are entering the woods, make sure everyone knows where you are headed. It is a good idea to take a smartphone with you in case you get lost or in case of аn emergency.

Jogging with friends is always more fun, so try to find a crew that is as enthusiastic about exercising as you are.

Always wear appropriate clothes for the season. Reliable shoes are also of great importance, thus ask a shop assistant for recommendations.

Don’t eat before jogging, but also don’t run hungry.

Different Impact of Walking and Jogging

A study published in 2014 researched the benefits of running and walking. The results showed that people who run at least three times a week have fewer chances of developing walking issues. Have in mind that this doesn’t mean walking as an exercise is not healthy.

Every physical activity has certain health benefits, but you will benefit more from jogging than simply walking. Further studies are needed to determine what the impact of jogging is on a cellular level. However, one thing is certain: jogging keeps you young.

Whether you like it or not, jogging has numerous health benefits for people over 65. If you don’t want to face problems with walking efficiency, start running today and feel young again.

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