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It’s not easy an easy task keeping your loved ones safe during the winter. You must pay attention to so many things, including whether or not they’re well socialized or protected against surprise falls on slippery paths. However, the most pressing concern is if they’re warm enough. Our ability to keep a healthy body temperature diminishes as we age, so here are several tips on how to keep seniors warm during winter.

Focus on Diet

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of keeping your aging loved one healthy during winter. This means they must eat more soups, porridge, and everything else that will keep their bellies warm.

Buy a Thermal Blanket

When they are at home relaxing, they should always have a blanket over their legs or around their shoulders. Not only is this comfortable, but it prevents valuable heat from escaping their bodies. Consider buying a thermal blanket if they don’t have one. Thermal blankets are great since they contain heat better than any other kind.

keep seniors warm during winter
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Layers And Layers of Clothes

Since you cannot take a thermal blanket outside, we (and everyone else) recommend having several layers of clothes. And don’t forget a hat, gloves, and an extra pair of socks. If they have quality clothes, then even surprise drops in temperature will pose no issue.

Stay Active

In order to keep seniors warm during winter, it is highly important that you advise them to exercise regularly. Movement is limited during cold days, so exercising from time to time will help them stay warm. Of course, these are not the only benefits of exercising. Their muscles will be more active, so it will be easier to maintain balance on a slippy sidewalk.

Prepare a Warm Bath

Nothing can beat a warm bath, especially in winter. Don’t forget to check the temperature before they soak in. Too hot is not good, as well as too cold.

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If you know more tips to keep seniors warm during winter, share them with us! Here you can learn about other methods for keeping your seniors safe during the cold days.


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