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Many elderly adults don’t want to stop smoking simply because they believe they are too old. But is it too late for seniors to stop smoking? Will they feel any benefits if they quit smoking after 65, especially if they’ve been smoking for decades before that? These are questions we are about to answer in the following paragraphs.

Is It Too Late for Seniors to Stop Smoking After They Turn 65?

Quitting cigars or cigarettes is usually quite difficult for people trying to end this habit. After decades of smoking (or even months), many are dependent on nicotine; therefore, quitting requires a lot of effort. Contrary to popular belief, seniors who were smokers for the majority of their lives have a higher success rate in quitting than younger generations. It seems that the length of your smoking experience doesn’t mean you are more dependent, but further studies are needed to confirm this statement.

As you can read on our blog, there are many benefits of quitting cigarettes for the elderly. Some of them you will notice immediately, while the others will be noticeable after a certain period of time. Usually benefits occur more slowly after 65, but it is inevitable that quitting cigarettes will have a positive effect on everyone. The most important one is reducing the risk of getting a smoking-related disease. As long as you smoke, the risk is high.

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is it too late for seniors to stop smoking

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The same health benefits that occur in members of younger generations will occur in seniors over 65 as well. The only thing is, it may take a while to start feeling all the positive effects.

All in all, it is never too late to stop smoking. You need to be strong, and don’t give up. With several tips to help you on the way, you will stop smoking in no time and embrace a healthier life.


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