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The population is growing and it is believed that by 2050, over 20% of the entire population will be over 65 years old. A lot of attention is paid to this issue, and there more and more caregiver agencies. However, what about LGBT caregiving?

It is estimated that LGBT population is around 10%, thus it means the number of seniors in this category will also rise in the future. Despite these numbers and predictions, this topic is still neglected.

Looking for Support in LGBT Caregiving

As people grow old, they require more support. However, it is not a secret that LGBT people receive less than others. We already wrote an article on how difficult is to go through caregiving process alone (you can read about that here). Thus, in most of the cases, a professional caregiver is needed.

Usually when it comes to LGBT population, people have special concerns and you may wonder if the organizations are open to working with LGBT patients.


LGBT Caregiving
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How to Recognize the Right Agency

In order to find a suitable home care agency, you must first do research. Check all agencies in your area. They all should have an internet page so this shouldn’t be difficult. Look for their statements or brochures, and read everything. If they don’t have these published on their web page, ask them to send it to you. Usually, they will have this information written in their statements, or they may add a rainbow flag to be more visible.

There are also those which would be sensitive about the topic and use terms such as: life partner, significant other, etc. The best thing would probably be to schedule an appointment with them and see whether they are open to LGBT families.

Since LGBT caregiving is a rising issue, there will be more articles on this topic, but we hope even these several tips will help you to find the most suitable agency.


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