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On this blog you can read several articles tackling issues such as living with dementia, what effect has Alzheimer’s disease on caregivers, and more. This time we would like to focus on one disease that is less known, but still quite common among the elderly. There are a lot of people living with Huntington’s disease and their lives usually depend on others. But what is it actually?

What is Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s disease leads to progressive breakdown of nerve cells. It is inherited and usually first symptoms are developed in 30s or 40s. If the signs are spotted before or in the early 20s, then it is called juvenile Huntington’s disease. Symptoms are usually grouped into three different categories:

  • Movement disorders
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Psychiatric disorders.

Is Huntington’s Disease Curable?

Medications which have been developed so far can only help in managing the symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no treatment that can prevent further breakdown of nerve cells.

Is Living With Huntington’s Disease Possible?

If you ask yourself: is living with Huntington’s disease possible? The answer is: YES! Here are some suggestions that can make the life of your loved one much easier.


Living with Huntington's disease
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Try to keep their life as simple as possible. They should have enough rest and proper nutrition, but on the other hand, they should exercise regularly. Encourage them to use calendars where they can write down everything they must do. In addition, voicemail can be used so they can replay the messages anytime they need it. Use alarms to remind them of the important events for that day. One more useful advice is to make sure they do similar things on the same days of the week (for example, shopping every Saturday).

Thus, don’t question is living with Huntington’s disease possible, but try to make life of your loved easier. With these simple steps, their life will be much better and they will feel way happier then before.

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