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Long distance caregiving is a concern for many. People often spend holidays with their loved ones, but during this time of year, despite all the joy, still a few questions emerge. People always wonder – can their loved ones who come in at a certain age stay alone? Do they have the ability to take care of themselves?

Numerous older adults need more caregiving than it was the case in previous years. That kind of situation sometimes arrives unexpectedly, and it can cause problems for all parties involved. The extra burden is on the elderly family member, primarily because it’s the first time they’ve found themselves in such need. The loss of independence can be a severe blow to anyone.

During these holiday travels, it presents even more of an issue. A difference in location can mean disaster for the care provider and patient, since most elderly need care every day, making a large commute unacceptable.

So, what you can do if distance is unavoidable? Here are the most asked questions regarding long distance caregiving.

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I can’t visit daily, nor weekly. What are my options?

Despite not being there every minute, there are many things you can do. For example, you can deal with finances, doctor appointments, emotional support, and also be in contact with daily caregivers who live in their area.

The caregiving process is puzzling. How do I find my role?

Easy. Should you be working as a part-time caregiver in conjunction with others to help bridge the long-distance issue, the actual role you play can be discussed personally. This decision is made in cooperation with family, friends, previous caretakers, and generally those most invested in seeing their elderly charge well provided for.

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Besides family, do we need professional help?

When a person is taking care of by a family member, it has a lot of benefits. Also, it has a lot of downsides. Having an expert caregiver on hand can be beneficiary to you as you learn the trade, can help prevent gaps in care as greater responsibilities crop up over the holidays, and can fill in should you need a break. This is especially important over the holidays, as additional stress and commitments can be distracting.

Can long distance caregiving work with in-home care?

Yes, of course. It can actually help more than other options. Long-distance in-home care entails your hiring an in-home caregiver to fill in full-time for either family members or other professionals who are not currently available in the area. Having someone to perform chores and other matters regarding your elderly’s schedule can take pressure from you. While the interview process will be much more rushed in this situation, hiring through an agency makes it a breeze. Online interviews mean distance doesn’t have to be an issue.

Can it be too early for long distance caregiving?

It is never too early, but sometimes it can be too late. Don’t wait. Enjoy your best while it lasts, but always prepare for the worst. And, if you are ready, the worst doesn’t need to happen. Think about caregiving on time, and allow your loved ones to have a blast in their old age.

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