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As the name says, long-distance caregiving means taking care of someone (usually a family member) when you don’t live in the same place. We have an article tackling several questions about long-distance caregiving. However, if you are new to this, you may find yourself thrown in the deep end. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you find your feet.

Ask, Ask, and Ask Some More

As a new long-distance caregiver, you must have dozens of questions, and if you want answers, you must ask. Talk to your loved one and ask what is the best way to help them. Try to find out what they prefer: do they need a permanent caregiver, how often should you call them, what should you buy, do you need to arrange a ride to the doctor’s, etc. Furthermore, if you have friends or acquaintances who are caregivers, arrange a meeting with them and talk about their experiences.

Learn on the Way

When you do long-distance caregiving, you must be familiar with a person’s health needs and what to do in certain situations. This doesn’t mean you need to get a PhD in medicine, but you should know the basics (for example, what medicine a person with a high fever should take). You can always Google it and, in addition, consult some local resources.

long-distance caregiving
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Visit Your Loved Ones

Although long-distance caregiving means you don’t need to be present 24/7, visits are welcome. They not only help in beating loneliness, but you can see what else needs to be done. There are some things that you cannot do while living far away but only when you are on-site.

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These are just basic tips for long-distance caregivers. In order to develop yourself more, don’t forget to ask, read, and above all learn.


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