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It’s fall again! Not my favorite season, since it is getting colder day by day, but it must be great for anyone who dislikes hot and humid weather.

As a summer kid, I always enjoyed spending time on a beach and playing sports outside. The only two reasons I liked colder days were making a snowman and Halloween.

Dressing up and trick-or-treating are fun for every kid. However, this holiday doesn’t need to be reserved solely for the youngest generation. Halloween can be entertaining for seniors as well, if you give them a chance.

Learn how to make Halloween fun for seniors and which activities you can engage them in.

Halloween Activities for Older Adults

There are numerous activities where your older adult can participate:

  •    decorating pumpkins
  •    decorating the house
  •    attending a costume party
  •    watching horror movies
  •    sharing Halloween stories

Decorating Pumpkins

Halloween without jack-o’-lanterns is not a real Halloween. Find some interesting design solutions on YouTube and carve pumpkins together with your senior. It brings the family together and is loads of fun too. Gather everyone and make a competition of who will create the most horrifying jack-o’-lantern. Your older adult will enjoy spending some time with the entire family.

Decorating the House

Invite your senior to participate in decorating your home. Hang spooky cobwebs and ghosts made out of paper.

Making a paper ghost is a piece of cake. Paper, scissors, and a little imagination is all you need. Attach them to a string and hang around the house.

Find out about other decorations and make them together with your loved one. Decorating a home this way is not only cheap but is one more reason to bring the family into one room.

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Taking Older Adults to a Costume Party

Costume parties are not only reserved for kids and teenagers. Seniors can have fun as well. Get in touch with people from the neighborhood and ask them about senior Halloween parties. Senior facilities often organize such gatherings.

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If you can’t find any, organize a party at your home. Call people and ask everyone to dress up. Play some music and make Bloody Marys. Is there a better cocktail for Halloween?

Watching Horror Movies

Whether you like or despise scary movies, this is the perfect time of the year to watch them. Make popcorn, sit on the couch with your loved one, and play a movie. Ask them if they would like to watch a movie from when they were a younger adult, such as Friday the 13th or Halloween. Introduce them to the sequels and other movies.

Check the list of the best horror movies and choose together. Keep your lights on, just in case!

Encourage Seniors to Share Their Halloween Stories

Your parents and grandparents were also young once and went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Ask them to tell you how it looked and if they have an interesting story to share.

Also, you can ask them to tell you a scary story they know. You can even bring a book of spooky stories or download them from the internet, and you can all read them together.

Let Halloween be one more reason to spend time with your senior. They will appreciate it more than you can imagine. Carve some pumpkins, decorate the house, go to a costume party, or watch a movie together. The simple things matter. Make Halloween fun for your older adult and the entire family, too.


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