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All seniors with dementia have one thing in common: repetition. Older adults in this state often repeat the same words or repeatedly do the same thing. For family members and caregivers, this can be incredibly frustrating. Here’s how you can manage repetition in seniors with dementia.

Manage Repetition in Seniors With Dementia

Keep Your Loved One Active

Seniors with dementia often feel bored. Out of boredom, they can start doing various things, such as shutting and opening doors. In addition to being annoying, this can be a distraction for the caregiver. When a repetitive activity becomes an issue, try to give your loved one an alternative. You should look to provide them with an easy chore to do with you, such as dusting.

Manage Repetition in Seniors With Dementia
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Give Different Answers to the Same Questions

The most common occurrence in dementia patients is when they repeat the same word or question. While this can be the most frustrating thing, you need to understand that this is a consequence of the disease. Their short-term memory is damaged, and because of this they continuously forget answers to asked questions. You should try to answer them correctly but alter the response every time. Or if this isn’t working, try to give them the answer and then change the subject.

Let It Be

Most older adults with dementia find comfort in repetitive actions. Some seniors empty a drawer every time and refold all its contents, even if they needed to do this with only one item. This way they feel more organized. If they have this type of repetitive behavior, that is not distressful and is not causing any damage, you should let your loved one continue. But, just in case, you should monitor them.

Use a Checklist

Many seniors who have dementia feel anxious when they forget something important they needed to do during the day. The best way to help them is to have a checklist in a couple of places around the house.

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