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Regular checkups are important for people of all ages. However, once you turn 65, medical tests can be crucial for your health and your lifetime in this world. According to the US Preventive Services Task Force, there are several medical tests for seniors over 65 that should be performed once you get in that age, or even before. These tests and screening measures will help you to prevent certain diseases, or will help you discover a disease at an early stage.

Screening Measures and Medical Tests for Seniors Over 65


Vaccinations prevent you from getting a particular disease. All of us received vaccines as kids and teenagers that have helped us on the way of being healthy. However, once you hit a certain age, it is advisable to consider taking vaccinations against shingles, as well as the flu and pneumonia.

Cancer Screening

Discovering cancer at an early stage is crucial in fighting this terrible disease. Males over 50 years old should pay special attention to prostate cancer, while breast cancer screening is recommended for women. Colon cancer is becoming more and more common among the older population, thus this is must, especially if you are over 50 years old.

Medical Tests for Seniors Over 65

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Other Tests

Track your blood sugar level as well as your blood pressure. Check them whenever you can to see if there is something wrong with them. Control your cholesterol level and your weight. Obesity is widespread all over the U.S. and it limits a person’s mobility.

In addition, you may undertake other tests as well. Some of them are: vision test, hearing test, cardiac stress test, skin cancer screening, etc.

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Don’t waste your life. Always think in advance and you will be a few steps ahead of any disease. Do your best to prevent yourself from getting sick and you will spend less time in hospitals.


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