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Older adults become wiser with years, but they also start to fear a lot of things that they haven’t even thought about before. Family members are there to help reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with fear. However, it’s still important to know what to expect and which fears you may encounter, so you can put them to rest.

Most Common Fears in Aging Adults

Memory Loss

Memory loss often happens in elderly adults older than 65. They start having issues with remembering simple things or fail to recognize familiar people. This creates fear in their minds. With age, most seniors will experience memory loss, but it’s not always in connection with dementia. Seniors can conserve their cognitive abilities if they adopt a healthy lifestyle and frequently exercise their brain.

Loss of Independence

Living independently in old age is what most older adults love to enjoy. But when old age comes, some of them lose their independence. When an elderly adult has a mental impairment, they often need outside assistance for daily living.

Most common fears in aging adults
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Being Unsafe

Older adults often find themselves on the wrong side of crime. Due their age and weakness, they are sometimes targeted for physical attacks. Also, elderly adults are subject to being scammed, and bad people often take advantage of them.

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Poor Health

With age, our bodies become weaker and are more prone to different diseases. Some seniors are in more danger of getting sick because of their genetics or lifestyle. Due to the health reasons, older adults could also suffer financially, and their quality of life can drop. The fear that they will no longer be able to live as before is ever-present in seniors.

Reduced Finances

When you get old, it doesn’t mean that you no longer need to pay bills. You do. But what doesn’t come as often as before are the opportunities to make money. With less money, and bills to pay, the elderly become afraid over their future.

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