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Nursing homes and assisted living can be quite expensive. Prices vary, but according to surveys, you need to pay $240 per day on average. Assisted living costs slightly less, around $3,500 on average, but this is still quite a lot. Home care services aren’t usually that expensive and cost four times less than an average nursing home. But how much does home care cost in the US?

Calculating… How Much Does Home Care Cost?

Once you determine your family cannot take care of your loved all by yourself and decide to hire a caregiver, you must decide what home care services you need. The price primarily depends on the type of services a caregiver provides. Is it just helping around a house? Or perhaps you need medical assistance? The price primarily depends on the job requirements.

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In order to have better insight into how much home care costs, the following factors also need to be taken into consideration:

  1. State: Home care prices significantly vary from state to state; for example, the same home care services don’t cost the same in New York as in Minnesota. Price also depends on the city you live in. For example, Sacramento and Los Angeles can have huge price difference, though they are in the same state.
  2. Does a caregiver work for the agency or independently?
  3. How many years of experience do caregivers have and what is their field of expertise?
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Average Home Care Salary

The price of home care services usually goes from $9/hour to $30/hour. It hardly ever goes beyond these limits. However, if we talk about the average home care wage, it is estimated to be $19/hour. Have in mind that this is just an estimation for the whole country and there are big differences among the states. The best thing is to find a list of home care agencies and registered caregivers in your neighborhood, and contact them for the exact information.

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