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Some older adults may be hesitant to get the covid-19 vaccine due to things they have heard on social media or fears about safety. There are things you can do to reassure them and prepare them for getting the vaccine.

Covid Vaccines Are Safe

Although the vaccines were created very quickly, they are incredibly safe and have been stringently tested. You can reassure your loved ones that the vaccines currently available are perfectly safe for them to take. A few of the reasons labs were able to develop them quickly were due to the following conditions.

  • Superior technology
  • Emergency funding
  • Researchers had a head start due to having detailed information on similar viruses

Vaccines are Not Instant Cures

Even after your loved one gets the vaccine, there will be a period of time – usually two weeks – before they are considered fully vaccinated by medical standards. Some vaccines might require two shots and an additional two weeks. You will want to speak with your doctor to learn more about the differences in each vaccine so you can make the best decision on which will be easiest for your loved one.

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Expect Side Effects

Not everyone experiences side effects, but most people have at least some minor, temporary muscle pain near the injection site. Your doctor can provide a complete list of possible side effects.

Vaccines Are Essential

You will want to press the critical nature of the vaccines. These are going to significantly reduce the risk of contracting the virus or experiencing any symptoms if it is contracted. It will save lives and allow your loved ones to stop feeling isolated from others. Many cities are opening up and allowing vaccinated people to attend social events. Reach out today to learn more and discover resources in your area.

Stay tuned for more covid-19 updates and home health care news.