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It is not true that every door-to-door salesperson will try to take advantage of he elderly and attempt to sell them unnecessary things using high-pressure tactics. However, you must be aware that there are some who are lurking on the vulnerable seniors to try to sell them as much as possible. They all seem friendly with a big smile on their faces, but in fact, they just want to get the money out of your pockets. In order to prevent door-to-door scams, follow these simple steps and you won’t have any trouble.

Steps to Prevent Door-to-Door Scams

The best way to avoid door-to-door fraud is to never let a stranger into your house. Once they are in, it is quite difficult to get them out. Closing the door right away is the best option. Never buy; “You don’t need to purchase anything, just listen to what we have to offer.” This is the common thing they say.

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If you still let them in, then make sure to check their identification and business cards. And remember never to give them money in advance. Some of the common tactics are to pay up front, and you will allegedly get the product in several days.

prevent door-to-door scams
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Perhaps the worst-case scenario is to sign a contract. Seniors are less attentive to details and scammers sometimes try to take advantage of that. Don’t sign anything before reading it carefully – even the small letters. Read it twice, or three times if needed. See what conditions are set in the contract and what is omitted. Luckily, the law is on your side. If you purchase products for over $25 and are dissatisfied with it, you have the right to cancel the contract within three days.

Have these steps in mind when someone knocks on your door next time and check out the steps for preventing telemarketing fraud.


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