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Doing things that you love in old age can sometimes require outside help. This especially goes for adults who live with a disability. They often need to rearrange their habits and environment in order to cope with their condition’s effect on everyday routines. This is when private hourly care at home comes in handy.

Private hourly care covers various types of in-home care. It includes both companion care and home nursing. We understand that families are worried if their loved ones can’t enjoy life like they used to. That’s why it is essential to have in-home care, even if it’s only for a few hours a day.

If you opt for private hourly care, you can arrange a fully personalized plan which will suit the needs and habits of your elderly loved one. The best part about hourly care is that you can adjust it to your schedule, changing it week in and week out as needed.

The following things can be arranged through private hourly care

Daytime support

  • Assistance with medication administration.
  • Assistance with using a bathroom and toilet.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Clothing, bedding, towel washing.
  • Collecting prescriptions.
  • Shopping for groceries.
  • Collecting and delivering pension benefits.
  • Transportation, and accompanying clients to appointments.
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Mealtime support

  • Preparing and administering homemade meals.
  • Feeding assistance.

Morning and evening support

  • Assistance with oral hygiene and grooming.
  • Dressing and undressing help.
  • Helping with lying down and getting up from the bed.

Night-time support

  • Night sitting – This type of care includes personal care, toilet use, dressing/undressing, and providing water or other beverages.
  • Night sleeper – A home-care worker sleeps at the patient’s homes and is available for different home care services.

Private hourly care for special occasions

Special occasion support is a service tailored especially for client needs. It includes care which will be administrated during birthday parties, anniversaries, or in case of any other festivity. With hourly care during these events, there is less chance that someone’s good time will be interrupted or even ruined.

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