Hospice care is a form of home care service which is focused on patients diagnosed with a terminal condition or illness. These patients are approaching the end of their lives and the service is entirely focused on increasing the quality of their lives. There are times when people resist home care and they can be especially skeptical about hospice. In this article, we’ve tried to gather the most important pros and cons of hospice care, so you can see all the benefits and downsides of this home care service.

Advantages of Hospice Care

Hospice includes a professional team consisting of nurses, social workers, and volunteers. They are available 24/7, even on Sundays and holidays. Whenever you need professional assistance, they will be there for you and your loved ones.


Pros and Cons of Hospice Care

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When death approaches, patients are usually sent to the hospital where you cannot be with them when you want. Using hospice care means you are staying at home while your loved one has the best possible care. Also, insurance covers the cost of all items needed, so choosing hospice usually results in cutting on expenses.

Disadvantages of Hospice Care

Although hospice cuts on costs, there are some things which aren’t covered. For instance, life-prolonging treatments, such as feeding tubes, are not covered. Besides that, some tests (blood work, for example) should be covered by home care agencies. Since these can be quite costly, sometimes they refuse to do so.

All in all, these are the basic pros and cons of hospice care. However, more problems may occur, such as a patient refusing hospice. Before making a final decision, see what you really need. Hospice care can be a perfect choice for you and your family, while sometimes, it’s not.


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