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Rainy days affect people of all ages, seniors included, but it doesn’t have to mean that there is nothing you can do. While most people enjoy sunny days and clear skies, certain activities are perfect for rainy days. So, if the weather conditions won’t allow you to leave the house, there are many activities that can keep seniors busy and entertained while in their homes.


Here Are Five Rainy Day Activities for Seniors


Board Games


It’s raining, but don’t worry. Just pull out your old board games. Out of all board games, those that are highly recommended by home care professionals are Scrabble, Monopoly, Guess Who, Pictionary, Chess, and Dominos. In addition to being entertaining, these games also increase brain activity in seniors, which reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.




Rainy days are like sleeping calls to some, but they can also be good for working out. Even if you are prevented from going out, you can do at least 30 minutes worth of exercise on the inside. Put a Yoga DVD on; stretching is a perfect rainy day exercise. You can also walk around the house.


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Getting lost in a good book is perfect for the rainy day. Reading relaxes both the brain and the body. Sitting beside the fireplace and reading can have a positive effect on seniors.


Movies and TV Shows


If it’s pouring on the outside, seniors can pass their time by watching an old movie or find something new on the TV. If there are more family members, you can make popcorn, get together, and make it a movie marathon.


Art Projects


For some, rain can be an inspiration. Older adults could spend rainy days making amateur jewelry, painting a picture, or knitting a sweater.


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