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Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia have a huge affect on family and caregivers as well. If you ask your loved one if he/she would like to stay at home or go to a nursing facility, in most of the cases, they will choose home. We find safety measures for people with dementia quite important in order to make their life and your life easier. If you follow the following safety tips, you can be sure your loved one will be secure and happy despite the illness.

Watch Their Health

First and foremost, you must always pay attention to their health. This means you need to ensure they take their medicine regularly. This is key in enabling them to live at home independently. Nutrition is one more concern and a lot of dementia require help in this task. Make sure they eat all their meals and that the meals are healthy.

Safety measures for people with dementia
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Home Health Care

Sometimes you are just too busy and cannot do everything on your own. Check if there are home health care centers in your neighborhood. A caregiver will be assigned to them who will visit on regular basis.

Safety Tips

Safety measures for people with dementia also include installing an alert system, GPS monitoring, door alarms, and much more. With an alert system in case of emergency, they can just push a button and you will know they are in trouble. GPS monitoring might not be usual, but it is very efficient way of tracking your loved ones. Otherwise, they can get lost and you can spend hours or even days looking for them.

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With these basic safety measures for people with dementia, you can have a peace of mind and know their condition every time. If your loved one has a dementia, don’t be stressed about that, but do everything in your power to enable them a safe stay at home.


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