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For older adults, it is important to keep being independent. However, one day most of us must come to terms with the fact that we are not able to drive a car anymore. The question is when should seniors stop driving? There is not a unique answer and you must pay attention to all warning signs. Here are some of the most common signs of unsafe driving.

Signs That Seniors Should Stop Driving

There are several warning signs you can pay attention to. Perhaps the first signs seniors should stop driving is when their eyesight starts worsening. Even hearing issues can cause major problems while driving, such as not hearing other cars honking.

When you notice your parent starts losing confidence and concentration while being behind the wheel, be aware that it may be time to consider they stop driving a car soon. Lack of concentration also means they drive either too slow or too fast for the conditions, and don’t pay attention to road signs.

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Sometimes older adults tend to confuse the gas pedal with the break and have slow reactions. They can brake without a reason, or suddenly change lanes. They sometimes even have difficulties maintaining a vehicle in the lane and keeping a safe distance from the other vehicles in traffic. If you notice some of these signs, then it is the time to explain to them the situation.

when should seniors stop driving
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This is a sensitive topic and talking with elderly about leaving the car requires a lot of patience and understanding. Their not being allowed to drive anymore means they are less independent. You must always treat them with respect and find reasonable words. Never shout, and explain to them all the reasons why you think it is the best they should stop driving. After all, their safety, along with the safety of other people in the traffic, is the most important aspect.

We hope that after reading this article, you got the answer you needed. When should seniors stop driving? Now you know how to bring the topic to the table.


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