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Did you know that by having a website, a digital marketing and promotion plan will start building a treasure of potential clients long before you formally open the doors of your home hospice, health, and personal care business? Yes, you heard me right, you can be securing leads to those future clients while waiting to finish those homecare agency legal filings and approvals.

Promoting and marketing your UJAT Care website as a “coming soon” homecare business and caregiver service can be happening while you are still looking for that office space, doing the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training of caregivers and your homecare management staff. Your caregiver website and a digital marketing strategy will be working for you while you are working on organizing a homecare startup business.

Investing in marketing is never a mistake, and per dollar spent, digital marketing is the least expensive 24/7 marketing plan you will ever have. The right kind of digital marketing, starting sooner and running for longer, will ensure that you’re pretty much on the right path to a successful homecare business and the possibility of making those millions in profits. And hey, there is no shame in you becoming rich from delivering honesty and quality caregiver services. And it’s a wealth you can share with your caregivers and community. Everyone wins.


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