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The big question will come sooner or later: should your parent move in with you and your family?

Your parents are getting sicker as they age, and you are not sure anymore whether they can live on their own. They are having trouble maintaining the house, moving, bathing, getting out of bed, etc. If they suffer from Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia, things are even more urgent.

So what options does your parent have?

Living by themselves is out of the question, so you must a find another solution.

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Questions You Need to Answer Before Your Parent Moves In

When thinking about making room for your elderly loved one in the house, a few questions come to mind. One thing you need to consider is how close are you to your parent. Did you have any huge misunderstandings in the past? How do those misunderstandings affect the relationship between the two of you? Have you been getting on well despite everything?

Apart from that, you need to be aware of the level of care your parent needs. Do they need constant watching or occasional helping? Also, you need to be aware they will likely require more assistance over time. How much time are you available to dedicate to them every day?

Talk to Your Family

This shouldn’t be solely your decision. If you live under the same roof as your spouse, kids, siblings, relatives, whomever, you need to ask for their opinion as well. They also have a say as to what goes on in the house. Consider what their relationship with your parent is. Is this situation going to make them stressed or not? What are your expectations from them? Should they assist you when you need an additional hand?

The biggest concern is is probably what way will this change have on their lives? Are they ready to accept it or do they disagree with the thought of your parent moving in? Be careful when introducing the idea and don’t make any judgments.

Don’t Forget to Talk to Your Parent

Well, since they are the one who is supposed to move to another place, they should have a vote, too. Perhaps they are refusing to leave the home they currently live in. This is a common situation, and it is completely fine if they can take care of themselves.

However, the problem occurs if they are too proud and don’t want to admit they need a hand. They are struggling to live on their own, but refuse to accept help. In such situations don’t try to persuade them they are wrong, but let them realize by themselves living alone is not an option.

What to Do If You Can’t Take Care of Your Parent

Everyone has responsibilities, especially if you have your own family to take care of. With all the other things on your shoulders, it may be impossible for you to dedicate yourself to your parent. In such situations, you can hire a caregiver to help your parent throughout the day.

Before your parent moves in, contact a caregiver agency in your neighborhood or try to find an independent caregiver. Either way, you will get a professional who has experience in taking care of the elderly. You can completely rely on them when you are not at home. Check out all the services they offer and see who the right person for your parent is.

Moving a parent into your home is a huge change, and you should think everything through. Don’t forget to consult other family members and see how your parent feels. In the end, the point is to try to improve their lives.

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