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As people age, they need more comfort, more space, and they need more help in satisfying their needs. That is why they will, when the time comes, look for assistance that goes hand in hand with their unique lifestyle. What they want, in principle, is a service that will help them persevere their dignity and independence – while also increasing their safety, health, and general well being. Also, many seniors look to have all of this in the familiar surroundings of their current homes. This is why – out of all options available, such as a retirement home – most still choose living assistance. This way, seniors can still pursue lifestyles they want, while at the same time receiving the additional care that will help them live happier and safer.

Many people are willing to opt for assisted living, but the thing is: they just don’t know when the right time is. As much as living assistance is beneficial, elderly shouldn’t be stripped of their independence ahead of time. The right time might differ from family to family, but here is some general guidance on how to recognize when the moment has arrived.

Living assistance
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Signs That Your Loved One Needs Living Assistance

  • Your elderly are starting to miss appointments. Yes, this can happen to all of us, but if its get frequent, living assistance is the solution.
  • Their house has expired medications, rotten food forgotten in a fridge, or expired foods on shelves.
  • Difficulties while walking, sitting, or standing up. Troubles with moving around the house, yard, etc.
  • Bruises that can’t be explained, which means that your loved one has a lot of accidents.
  • Troubles keeping up personal hygiene.
  • Can’t keep up with daily schedules and has become lousy in housekeeping.
  • Forgetting to pay their bills.

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