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There are several different stages of Parkinson’s disease, with new or changing symptoms. At the beginning, it is hard to tell which disease is affecting you or your loved one, but in later stages, it becomes quite obvious. Depending on the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, there are five typical stages.

First Stage

Since the symptoms are usually not too serious, it is really difficult to recognize the disease. The person afflicted may experience changes in walking and posture. There are even some changes in facial expressions, and a person starts experiencing tremors in some parts of the body – usually on one side.

Second Stage

In the second stage, trembling becomes severe and affects the whole body. All the symptoms from stage 1 become more noticeable, and speech problems may start. It might be difficult for a person to live independently and it is wise to have someone to lean on.

Third Stage

After first two stages of Parkinson’s disease, symptoms become much more severe. In addition, a person can experience balance problems and have slower reflexes. Movement in general becomes slower and they are prone to falls. Most simple tasks become difficult, and a person becomes less and less independent.

stages of Parkinson’s disease
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Fourth Stage

At stage 4, some patients cannot even stand on their own, while most of them need a walker. They need a caregiver by their side since living alone is next to impossible.

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Fifth Stage

In the last stage, a person with Parkinson’s cannot move due to increased stiffness and they experience additional symptoms. Dementia and delusions are quite common, as well as confusion.

These are the five stages of Parkinson’s disease. We showed you how the disease usually progresses, so be aware when the first signs show. Consult a physician as soon as possible and participate in therapy on time. This way, you will prolong the time it takes to reach the final stage.

If you suspect your loved one has this disease, read more about the early signs of Parkinson’s.


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